Joan Cooper

Joan Cooper

Processing and Pipeline Manager

Joanie, a Florida native, has worked in the real estate industry for over 13 years as a licensed Realtor, property manager, marketing coordinator, and most recently, a closing coordinator for 2 major builders. During the real estate market downturn, she invested herself in the education of middle school children teaching them general mathematics, pre-algebra, and her passion for ancient history. She has earned a degree in education and is a life long student pursuing a degree in anthropology at the University of South Florida transferring to the University of Florida.



“DLP is Fantastic to do Business with!!! The crew they want to put deals together and want to see you succeed. They are a Win-Win Relationship to have. Nader the Deal-making Machine, Joanie is the Worlds Best Underwriter, Alexis is the Funding Source, all the way to the Quarterback (Nate) who the team could use two of guys like him. My experience is nothing short of perfection every time. Thanks, Don (the Owner & CEO) and the team for creating a well oiled investing machine.”

– Mike P.